What is a bibliography?

Bibliography is a list of documents organized in accordance with certain criteria, such as: books, magazines, articles and electronic documents.

When the bibliography presents a list of materials used to write a book or documents, we talk about the attachment bibliography, it is necessary when writing a master’s or bachelor’s thesis.

The second meaning of bibliography is the name of the field of knowledge dealing with describing documents. Thanks to the work of people in the bibliography departments, we have the opportunity to use bibliographic databases. Such databases are designed to help the user find the necessary materials in libraries. Regardless of the type, the bibliography is the source of information.

When writing a bachelor or master thesis or even a diploma thesis, the first thing we need to do is gather information (if we do not have the time to do it, we can commission a bibliography). It is necessary. We need to find books, articles and other documents that we can use when writing a job. However, this is not an easy beginning, because the information we collect must be reliable and reliable, we must be sure about it.

We must not use unreliable sources such as web portals where anyone can write their definition of all concepts. These must be publications from scientific or professional sources. Written by specialists in a given field.

Bibliography is an important part of scientific work because we base our entire work on it. Of course, we include in it our thoughts and conclusions, but what we write is based on the information we found. This is also a kind of proof that our claims and summary are not only our opinion, but are supported by reliable documents. This is very important because thanks to this our work gains value and becomes more credible.

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