Good bibliography makes writing easier

Writing an article or a scientific paper requires proper preparation from the author. An appropriate writing workshop and the ability to efficiently transfer your thoughts to paper (or express them in a digital form) are an element necessary to write a good text, although not the only one. Certain types of texts require a broad view of the problem.

In such forms as bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis, usually also a scientific article or a monograph, it is necessary to present the state of research in the discussed topic. The author comes to the aid of a bibliography. A well-designed bibliographical list, prepared before you start writing the right text or in its initial phase, lets you know exactly how the problem was investigated.

A large amount of collected literature gives the writer a solid foundation on which to base the work and to get his / her insights. On the other hand, a thorough analysis of the subject literature may indicate those areas of knowledge that have not been adequately developed so far. They are thanks to this grateful topic for research, because they guarantee bringing large amounts of surplus value to science.

Bibliography is also a tool that allows to assess the quality and usefulness of a given source of knowledge for the needs of a particular researcher. Helpful hints may include publication dates of individual sources.

Usually the most reliable information is provided by the latest publications, especially in such fields of knowledge as technical or economic sciences, where the state of knowledge is changing rapidly. In turn, historical research may require texts shown in a specific time range, sometimes from many years ago.

A professionally prepared bibliography is the foundation on which the researcher bases his work. It indicates the places where the knowledgeable researcher is located, thanks to which he saves his time and allows him to concentrate on creative work.

It is to her that the final shape of the text itself depends to a large extent, and whether the writing process itself proves to be the proverbial path through torture or whether it will run without unnecessary obstacles.

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